Studio Policy

Teaching Calendar

The studio teaching calendar consists of teaching weeks, public holidays and teaching holidays. There will be 44 individual lessons and 12 monthly group lessons in a year. There will be no lessons on public holidays and stipulated teaching holidays. Monthly fees would be the same regardless of the number of lessons in a month. Please contact us should you have queries regarding the teaching calendar.

Money Matters

Fees must be paid on the first lesson of the month. Payment can be made by cash or cheque payable to Andrew Wee. Monthly fees must be paid in full regardless of the number of lessons missed. (See below for missed lessons policies)
A one month’s fee deposit will be collected upon registration. This cash deposit will be kept in an envelope and sealed. The deposit is returnable at the end of the course termination upon given more than 1 month of termination notice.
It is our sincere hope that we have a warm, long-term relationship. We are approachable and hope that you would speak with us if there is something bothering you / your child about how lessons are going. In any case, termination of lessons should be made known to the instructor more than 1 month in advance. Failure to do so will result in forfeit of deposit. This is to protect the income of the instructor and facilitate the transition of new students.
Families experiencing temporary, short-term financial difficulties may speak to us regarding fee payment. We hope we can arrange something rather than depriving the student of music lessons.
Cancellations: More than 48-hour notice is appreciated if you know that you / your child will not be able to attend lessons. Ad-hoc cancellation and No-show (less than 24hours): To maintain good teacher-student-parent relationships, please notify us in advance if you / your child do not attend the lesson. There will be no refunds for ad-hoc cancellations or no show
Make-up lesson is possible when student fall sick or an ad-hoc matter arise. Make up lessons would be chargeable at an additional fee of $10 for the rental of studio and instructor’s time unless notice is made one month before lesson.

Private Lessons

Each child and parent will receive one private 35 minutes lesson per week.

Group Classes

From time to time, the teacher will organize group classes on either Saturdays or Sundays to expose students to group dynamics and ensemble playing. Group classes are important for reinforcing the private lesson material and introduce musical concepts such as rhythm, singing, listening skills and movement.

Recitals and Concerts

There will be one concert per year in December. Student participation is REQUIRED at these recitals. We encourage students to perform at any possible and appropriate events or venues such as libraries or studios at The Little Arts Academy and NUS. All students are encouraged to participate as fully as possible.

Parents Participation

Parents are an integral part of the success of the Suzuki method. Parents will attend lessons before their child’s lessons begin. During the parent orientation lessons, parents will learn about Suzuki philosophy and enough about the guitar to be effective home coaches for their children.

Students under the age of 12 must have a parent (or adult caregiver) present at all lessons in order to take notes. These notes are an invaluable aid for home practice. Parents are also encouraged to attend the Parent Group Classes offered several times per year.

Ongoing Suzuki Teachers’ Training

Continuous training is necessary for a Suzuki guitar teacher. The teacher’s training schedule will be made known to students and parents in advance. The days of training may coincide with our studio holidays.

Instruments (Important)

Students are expected to acquire a correct size Classical Guitar of their own. Students are not advised to purchase guitar before the first consultation with the teacher. A student wishing to begin studying the guitar must be properly measured by his/her teacher to determine the size of instrument needed.

Preparation for Lessons

Students must bring their instrument, instruction materials and any other required material to all lessons. Parents must bring notebook and writing materials to each lesson.

Daily practice is essential to playing a musical instrument and is expected of all students. Consistently unprepared students will be dismissed from the studio.

Students must keep their fingernails properly groomed at all times (clipped short on both hands for beginners; correctly shaped and buffed nails on the right hand for students who have been taught fingernail shaping).

Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled lesson time in order to unpack your instrument and help your child to mentally prepare for the lesson. You are always welcome to quietly observe lessons. Full attention at lessons is necessary from the student AND parent. For example: No texting during lessons!

These policies may be modified and redistributed at any time